New year celebrations, weddings, community events - we've created energetic experiences for a myriad of occasions. We can't wait to work with you and hear the details about your upcoming event and provide you with a performance that your audience will cherish forever.

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  • Weddings

    Make your special occasion even more unforgettable with a beautiful, cultural and traditional lion dance performance that inspires an atmosphere of energy and excitement, creating memories with your loved ones that will last for a lifetime.

  • Galas

    Add a cultural flair to your gala or upscale event and our talented lion dance team will bring the power and presence associated with your evening. Our gala performances are a sure-fire, unique way to grab the attention of all your guests and unify them in a way that will leave everyone focused, alert and elated!

  • Community Celebrations

    A community celebration is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone a-little-closer together and what better way to leave an impression on all generations in attendance than with a performance designed to impart memories and experiences that will impact generations.

  • Parades

    A delightful and mesmerizing sight, when the mystical and mythical lions comes marching down the parade strip! Onlookers will be both perplexed and enchanted when they see this majestic dance for the first time!

  • Birthdays

    Make your birthday celebration even more special, whether its a cultural touch or a unique twist - Children, Teens and Adults - all share in the wonder and amazement of the lion dance. As a meaningful event or an impactful evening - Lion Dance is sure to create moments that matter.

  • Grand Openings

    Opening day of your business is a wonderful and enjoyable experience for everyone throughout the community and negating any bad experiences on opening day - clearing the way for good luck, fortune and prosperity for your business is our expertise.


*Include but not limited to...


    Experience the thrill of a classic lion dance performance! Our skilled performers will showcase the fundamental art of lion dance, leaving audiences captivated and energized. It's no wonder this crowd favorite always brings excitement to any and every occasion.


    An explosive and firey display is sure to turn heads with our firecracker routine! Immersive and captivating - the audiotory and visual performance will ignite the senses and elevate everyone in attendance.


    This fun and playful performance features a delicious lettuce feast that symbolizes wealth and good fortune. As the lion devours the lettuce, the excitement in your audience will build and those close enough will be in for a big surprise!


    An electrifying display of martial arts prowess - raw strength, agility and power. Watch on as our team channels the spiritual energy and energetic movements of the past.


    Witness a curious and adventurous lion on an exciting journey of discovery! This acrobactic routine is an impressive display of speed, coordination and height-defying skill as the lion (and dancers) fearlessly navigates a series of challenging obstacles in search of what lies beyond.


    Get ready to raise a glass and enjoy a fun-filled evening as a mischievous and innocent lion consumes the wisdom wine. This entertaining and playful spirited performance is sure to inspire laughter and liveliness.


    As a symbol of sharing wealth and good fortune, our mystical lion will share its bountiful harvest of tangerines with members throughout the audience. Catching a tangerine tossed by the lion is said to bring great luck to the recipient!


    When a sound is heard from a distance, a crowd is sure to gather, especially when it's our instrumental demonstration. The rhythmic foundations of our drumming and the various sounds of our cymbals and gong players - creates a mesmerizing display and cultivates an alluring atmosphere.


    An enchanting and captivating retelling of the legend regarding the ancient orgins of lion dance. This story is accompained by a narration which transports the audience back to the past by highlighting the cultural significance of lion dance and its ancient mortal enemy - the Nian.